Sunday, November 28, 2010


Monday, November 1, 2010

My community

Hello friends, I'm going to talk about the community where I live, I live in the north of Maracaibo, in a village called doral roads, all the houses are yellow, is a very quiet, and gives the feeling be out of town, because it has many green areas, making it an excellent place to apartarce, the busy day

my daily routine

Hello friends here I leave my daily routine ... so, you may know a little more about me and know what I do every day
I wake up

I take a shower

I brush my teeth


I apply makeup

I go to school

I exercise

back to eat and to bathe

doing the homework

I talk on the phone with my boyfriend

check my facebook

as my dinner

now if you sleep

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Monday, October 25, 2010

a little about my family

Hi to all. Here is a video, where you'll can learn more above my family and your tastes

happy Halloween

hello happy day is Halloween. to everyone here I have some photos of a mummy and a pumpkin I made with paper XD

Unsolved Mysteries

Hello here I leave a Venezuelan myth, which perhaps many have heard about, but than few know really to the story, and because this woman, still it grasps to the living world

There are several fantastic tales that the spirit of la llorona have elderly people of the savannahs Arauca. Moaning converted into the wandering spirit of a woman carrying a child on her hip, alludes to his name because he wanders the road crying. Tradition says that the people claiming police car to help load the child, to receive the punishment is being fought in the police car becoming the person has received. Eversion others say it is the spirit of a woman killed by jealous mother and set fire to the house with his mother inside, getting from this, in the dying moment of the curse that has condemned: "You will walk without God and holy Mary, persecuting men for the ways of the plain. " They say you never see her face and cries of shame and regret for what he did to his family. The Spirit of La Llorona, become a legend, has accompanied man since ancient times and plains of existence witness many old Don Juans. Other less believers feel that belief is contrary to reason, created by adults in order to intimidate or frighten the cowboys who crossed paths in search of a romance night the savannas. Snuff a piece of roll into the pocket avoids the appearance of the police car